11:FS made our week: our app Flow Money Automation is Pulse Pick of the Week. Our Pulse Score? 4.8 out of 5. 11:FS is a well-known international fintech authority and leads the way to 100% digital banking. According to 11:FS digital banking is 1% finished, so there’s a road ahead of us.

11:FS Pulse is home to thousands of user journeys from leading financial brands around the world. Each week, they feature a user journey that stands out from the competition for its great UX, advanced features and a unique solution.

‘Banks can’t do what we do’

As Flow, we wanted to use this opportunity and address the topic of money automation and the online banking future.

Previously, Simon Taylor, from 11:FS, said: "Their UX gives me goosebumps" and he wrote a great analysis on why banks can't do what we do.

This time, 11:FS Pulse noticed: “What makes this journey stand out is the range of unique savings tools that automates users’ money management in a clear and stress-free way. Whether you’re looking to have a percentage of your salary put aside for holidays or splitting your salary between bills, groceries and spending, Flow does a great job at making saving money one less thing to worry about.”

The future is money automation

This review from 11:FS hit the core of what we trust to be the future of money management. We believe money automation is the next big step towards better, more meaningful personal finances. By automating, we aim to remove the need for a strong will and open the door for more financial freedom, with less stress.

Users build in their savings and spending plan in our app, and we divide the money accordingly. It works well in daily life, by providing great insight and a feeling of control, and giving the tools to make good money choices. We also guide to prepare for long-term goals and financial success in the future. So, literally stress-free indeed.

Self Driving Money

Such a great compliment coming from 11:FS hits home since we strongly believe in true digital financing - connecting services to enable Self Driving Money with full possibilities within this modern digital age. And working together to achieve this is fundamental.

The open banking movement showed everyone what users truly want: a unified hub where they can manage their full money life, without the need for different apps and fragmented experiences. A vital part of this vision are the connections between existing apps. Providing the flexibility to build the best financial management system for each individual user. It’s not a matter of who can do it, but rather how we can work together to achieve the best experience for consumers.

Thanks to all the Flowers that use our product every day and made this (and so much more) possible. We have a lot of exciting news in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

Happy automating!