Simon Taylor has given us a big compliment

We have something to share with you: one of the most influential people in the banking and fintech world has noticed us and given us a very big compliment!

We are talking about Simon Taylor. He is the co-founder and Blockchain Practice Lead at 11:FS, which builds solutions for financial services companies looking to innovate. He is also the co-host of Europe's number one business podcast: Fintech Insider, and of the fastest growing Blockchain podcast: Blockchain Insider.

So, if you didn't know who Simon Taylor was, you do now. Taylor, like a true fintech nerd (as he calls himself), writes a newsletter every week: Fintech Brain Food. In this newsletter he summarises the most important fintech news, and recently he dedicated part of his newsletter to us, to Flow!

European fintechs

In this newsletter, Taylor first talks about fintechs in the US. The market there has been flooded with new fintech companies in the past two years. A major reason for this is the mature investor climate in the US, compared to Europe, for example. But, says Taylor, very special things are also happening in Europe:

"...the continent consistently has some of the most imaginative fintech product offerings, even if our funding environment post-seed is awful. I know most VC mandates are US only but pay attention to these as a pointer to things missing. I will die on this hill."

After this, Taylor mentions 4 fintech companies, which he advises to keep an eye on. One of these companies is, yes, you can feel it coming...Flow!

Connecting accounts in the Flow app


Taylor explains that Flow adds smart features on top of your existing bank accounts. And he is insanely positive about Flow: "This app is so well executed it gives me goosebumps." Wow, how cool that such a big player in the fintech business pays us such a nice compliment!

Next, Taylor wonders aloud why banks don't offer what the Flow app does. His conclusion: distributing your salary over different jars works better as a cross-bank product than as a function of a bank app.

Self-driving money

Taylor clearly sees a future in Flow, because he calls it 'The Self Driving Money App'. Flow fits in perfectly with the trend - and not only that, it is the future - in which everything is going to be automated more and more. Like Tesla's self-driving cars, which are still being tested, but which will determine our streetscape in the future.

It is the same with your money matters. According to Taylor, in the future a bank will no longer be the most logical place for your money matters. It is a kind of abstraction on top of your bank account, it is the bank umbrella product that Taylor was talking about earlier.

In other words: This is Flow.