There are people on low incomes who know exactly where their money goes and are smart about it. And there are high-income people where the money is flying out the door, who then get into financial trouble, with debt and late payments.

How can that be?

Financially healthy households have one thing in common. They have overview and insight into their finances. They have a grip on their money. This is more important than the height of the income. Of course, it is easier for someone with a high income to divide the money smartly, but this is no guarantee.

On to financial wealth

After all, what exactly is financial wealth? We quickly think of millionaires, big houses, fancy cars and luxury vacations. But, financial wealth is not only measured by the number of zeros in your bank account. Above all, it is:

  • Knowing that there is enough money and enough will come in.
  • Arranging your spending habits so that there is enough room between income and expenses, without causing you daily stress.
  • Making a living doing what gives you energy.
  • The comfort of knowing that your money is being distributed in the right way to the right jars, the way you want and need it.

The first three points require time and attention. The last point is already within reach today.

How to get more insight?

Gaining insight into your money matters means having your administration in order and making your income and expenses transparent. Make a budget and find out how much is coming in and how much you are spending. Make sure you see big expenses coming and prepare for them. So when the municipal taxes have to be paid, the amount is already in your savings account. And when you have to pay your health care deductible, this is no surprise to you.

This is what makes us happy at Flow. Because we know how much it can help you, and how much fun it actually is. Download Flow and find out for yourself!