Decided to go to college in busy Amsterdam or in the always lively city of Groningen? You're moving into a room and want to explore the city with your new fellow students. Of course, this requires money. How much do students have to spend on average?

According to the NIBUD, a student has an average of 943 euros per month to spend. That amount comes not only from a part-time job, but also from your parents' contribution, study financing, paid internships, tax refunds and other income (e.g. rent and care allowance, selling things, own business, etc.).


Most students (68%) receive money from their parents. On average 211 euros per month. If you do not receive anything from your parents, then just ask what is possible. If you still live at home you may need a little less, but maybe in that case you can set up some kind of barter system. You money for your studies, they clean dishes and mowed grass!


87% of students receive money from forms of student loans. This is often thought of as income, but remember it is a loan! If all goes well, the loan system will be abolished in September and we will go back to the basic scholarship. Students now borrow an average of 526 euros.

Making money from the couch

Most money can still be earned through one's own efforts: a side job. 72% of students have a side job and this earns an average of 508 euros per month. Many online platforms list student jobs for you, but of course you can also just inquire at the supermarket around the corner. Many student jobs are also online nowadays. So maybe soon you will earn your money from the couch.

Student Life Money Method

Want to divide your income smartly, so you have enough money for every expense? Then put Flow app on your phone! In fact, a new Student Life Money Method has just been added, with a suitable template for you. For example, you can create a Flow that puts 50 euros from your student loan into your savings account. But you might also want to flow 100 euros from your parents to the jar for your groceries every month. With the Flow app, you can automate it all.

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