Terence at work

Terence Huijgen (30) has his own digital agency and calls himself a "tech entrepreneur". He is inspired by FI/RE, has been investing for six months, and is saving for a dream wedding.

Life changing

“An article by journalist Ernst Jan Pfauth, who writes about financial independence, has had a life-changing effect on me. That may sound exaggerated, but since then I have not only started to delve into budgeting and saving, I now also have a lot more money left at the end of the month. At first, I worked with an Excel sheet and paid for everything manually, but I soon started using Flow app. That is also what Pfauth advises people who want to handle money better: make sure that everything is transferred automatically because then the money is gone from your head and you don't have to worry about it anymore.”

Twenty jars

“Because I started using Flow, I gained more insight into my money and I started to save more and more. My salary goes to twenty different jars such as fuel, groceries, care, subscriptions, investments, and gifts for friends. And a quarter of what comes in I save: ten percent goes to a buffer for unforeseen costs, and fifteen percent is intended for larger goals: a vacation to Bali and the dream wedding that my girlfriend and I have in mind.”


“Because I expect that in the summer when corona has less grip on the world, I will eat out more often or drink a beer on a terrace, I am also putting extra money aside for that. Now, it may sound a little bit like I'm a terrible neurotic, but it's really not that bad. I just really enjoy it and take pleasure in taking into account what is coming financially.”


“I find the FIRE principle very inspiring. It stands for Financial Independent Retire Early and in a nutshell, it means that you take a very critical look at your expenses, and live as frugally as possible in order to be able to retire earlier. I don't use that principle so rigidly, because I will always want a really good laptop and the latest iPhone. My company makes apps, so I think it's important to have the latest technical gadgets. My girlfriend and I did decide that we want to reduce our housing costs quite a bit. We will, therefore, soon be moving from Utrecht to Drenthe. And things that you can easily get second–hand, such as a dining table, I will never buy new.”

Weekly groceries

“I recently started doing my shopping at Lidl once a week. If you had told me earlier that I now do the weekly shopping, I would not have believed it. When I first started it I thought it was weird, but it's really great. I used to go to Albert Heijn every day and then I often bought a bottle of wine, a bag of chips, or something else to snack. Every time something extra, you really feel that in your wallet. Now and then I also let Hellofresh deliver. That is not necessarily cheap, but it saves a lot of time and you also cook something different than usual.”

Dream wedding

“A while back I proposed to my girlfriend, and in a year we want to get married. The idea is to organize some kind of festival; we provide a beautiful location, people bring their own tent and we eat from large barbecues. My girlfriend has been dreaming of a wedding for a long time and I really want to give it to her. When arranging our wedding day, we look for the balance between an affordable wedding and a wedding the way we really want it. We are not going to save on things that really matter to us, such as location. After all, you only get married once.”

Terence making plans about his dream wedding

A bit scary

“Six months ago I started investing in ETFs at Degiro, which are, sort of, packages with hundreds of shares in them. Last month I bought my first share, in Takeaway. So far, investing is going well: I have a profit of 8 percent on all my invested money. Because I am an entrepreneur, I have to arrange my own retirement, so that is my goal with investing. I have calculated that I can retire at 66. If I achieve a seven percent return each year, I will have 1.7 million euros in my investment pot by then. That seems like a nice amount to be able to live on after I retire. I find it a bit scary because investing is something new for me. But I follow many talks and podcasts, and I think it should work out if I keep the long term in mind.”