Konstantina is Flow's first Data Flow Enabler. For her, analyzing data is like treasure hunting. She has Greek roots, loves games and exhibits as an artist in addition to her "regular" job at Flow.

Smart and insightful

"At Flow, I'm going to throw myself completely into data analysis. By measuring all kinds of data from our users and from the app itself, we can make the app even smarter and more insightful. And so Flow can help people achieve their financial goals even better. The way we are going to measure data, with which technology and programs, that's all up to me. Besides measuring and interpreting data, I'm also going to train colleagues in developing a data mindset, and understanding data. This is useful for everyone in the company: data proves the success of your project, whatever that may be."

Greek relaxed

"I'm Greek, but have been living in Amsterdam for 8.5 years. I love how well things are organized here. From the tax system to making an appointment at the dentist, everything is hugely structured, and most of it is done digitally. Very different from Greece. The Dutch, in turn, can learn from the Greeks to be more relaxed in life, and not to plan everything from hour to hour. In the Netherlands, if you want to make a dinner date with someone, it is special if you manage to do so within a month. In Greece you make plans for the next day, or maybe the day after, but that's really the max."

Creative ambitions

"In Greece I first studied mathematics, but I also had creative ambitions. So after that I went to do an art course, in Amsterdam. And although I've been making a living from data analysis for some time now, I'm also active as an artist on the side. I make experimental installations, which usually have a link to technology. I find it interesting to investigate how we as humans relate to technology. Last summer I exhibited during the Rotterdam Art Week and at Festival Tweetakt in Utrecht. And there is more to come, for example, I am collaborating with other artists around the world."


"I see data as a big pond you can dive into, to discover a new world, where you can find all kinds of treasures. These treasures are very valuable for companies, because they make your product better. In fact, with data you can prove the success of something. Or, on the contrary, show that something doesn't work at all. To do that, it's important how you interpret the data. The trick is to extract insights and value from it that are useful to a company. And that's what I'll be doing at Flow."

Fine atmosphere

"A former colleague alerted me to the job opening at Flow and I was immediately excited. I think Flow's vision is really bold: they want to become completely data driven with their product, creating a super intelligent app that helps users with their financial goals. I feel like I can really make an impact here. And I haven't even started a month ago, but I already notice what a nice, relaxed atmosphere exists within the company. On top of that, you get the flexibility to work from wherever you want. I travel a lot to visit family and my boyfriend in Greece, as well as being on the road regularly for my art projects, so that freedom is super nice."

Getting inspiration

"In my free time, I really enjoy finding inspiration when I'm on the road. When I'm on the train, bus or plane, my head is empty, in a pleasant way. This leaves room for new ideas, for my art or for data analysis. The two go hand in hand. When I analyze data, I try to be creative and open-minded, and when I make art, I do it with a data driven mindset."

Savings and stocks

"I used to handle my money pretty intuitively, but in the last two years - since corona, when I had time to evaluate my finances - I've been a little more organized. I managed to save money for a bigger apartment in Amsterdam, and to set aside more for my travels. Most of my savings go into that, or into materials for my art projects. I also have a little buffer for when something unexpected happens. And then I invest some money in stocks. That's really something for the long term, like investing in a house or an extra when I retire."


"I love games, whether it's World of Warcraft or a board game. My favorite is Stratego because it puts your brain to work, it's really a strategy game. I love it when I'm challenged to think hard. I have to, as a data analyst."