Flow and ZZP Nederland start working together

We are proud to announce that Flowyour.money has entered a partnership with ZZP Nederland, the independent advocate for freelancers in the Netherlands with more than 50,000 affiliated freelancers.

Administration is often not one of the favourite topics for many freelancers, but you can not escape it.ZZP Nederland helps you arrange many of the things you need as an entrepreneur and/or a freelancer.

We are going to help you streamline your finances

Together with ZZP Nederland it is our mission to help freelancers streamline their finances, resulting in more financial overview and less anxiety in terms of monthly automatic separation of income tax and VAT, insurance (such as disability insurance), fixed charges and pension.

Take control of your money

By automatically dividing your income with Flow over the various pots, such as your budgets, savings accounts and investments, you get more control of your money. More control contributes to you feeling more relaxed and secure about your own finances. You no longer have any unpleasant surprises and you know exactly what you are bringing in and what you are spending, how you can build up buffers and/or insure yourself in unexpected circumstances. You can also use the Flow app for your private finances, so that you gain insights into how much you have left over per month for other (fun) things and you can invest money in the future.

Types of accounts

Financial freedom

ZZP Nederland and Flow are developing a number of handy 'money methods' that will soon be immediately available to subscribers. These include things like insurance, disability and pension. In the employment based on salary, your employer pays premiums for these things, but as a freelancer you have to take care of these things by yourself. Many freelancers do nothing about this, and run the risk of losing income if something happens to them, such as long-term illness. That's why ZZP Nederland and Flow want to arrange this for you as good as possible.

Visit zzpnederland.nl for more information and install the app.