At Flow, we thrive in flexibility. And life sometimes happens, right? That’s why it’s now possible to adjust the amount of a Flow when it triggers. This means that if a pre-set Flow isn’t super convenient due to unforeseen circumstances, you don’t necessarily have to cancel the Flow, but you can simply adjust the amount.

Super flexible!

How do I use it?

Flexible saving - You may wish to save €500 each month when your salary comes in. But what if there’s an expensive month ahead? Flow will notify you that it’s time for the automation to fire. On that screen, before approving the automation, you can change the amount to €400 for example.

Salary Hopping - What if you hop your salary each month to your neobank, but leave the money for your fixed costs on your traditional account? Maybe you usually leave €2000 there, but this month you need €2200. Not a problem. Adjust the amount and you’re good to go.

Investing smartly - What if you usually invest €300 a month, but you’re feeling positive and want to invest more? Easy peasy! Just adjust to €400 without extra manual work.

This is how it works

You build a Flow, for example:

Set up a Flow. It works with existing flows too. For example: ‘When my salary comes in, send €200 to my savings account’.

Manual approval. When you save the Flow, you choose: manual approval.

Notification when Flow triggers. You will receive a notification each time your Flow is ready to trigger.

Open the notification (or go to your active Flows). Right there you can adjust the amount you want to Flow this time.

Finally, approve the automation and let the money Flow.

Do you see how flexible this is?

Check the app and let us know what you think. We love your feedback, it’s our building ground to make even better features!