5 saving jars you shouldn’t miss

Smart budgeting is best done when you budget for the things that are fun and important to you, like your social life. Can't you imagine life without a night out, to bring flowers when visiting your mother or that great family outing? Set aside savings for the things that give you energy. This way you can enjoy them without stress and guilt.

Money jar 1: Friends' dinners

Cooking delicious food, inviting your friends or family and making it a great evening at home. Very cosy, and it often costs a bit more money than when you just cook for yourself. No problem! Think about how frequently you will be having friends over for dinner and how much you want to set aside for this. Save a monthly amount and send out invitations for your next dinner party!

Money jar 2: Outings

Can we get you excited about an evening out, or do you like to go out for the day with your family? Make an overview of the outings you like to do and how much money you want to set aside for them. This way, you can start planning your next day out based on your budget!

Money jar 3: Birthdays, gifts and bouquets of flowers

A box of chocolates for your neighbor, a bouquet of flowers for your mother, and gifts for every birthday. A gift savings account allows you to share generously without having to spend your own household money. Estimate what you want to spend each month and set it aside in your budget.

Salary splitter in the Flow app

Money jar 4: Weekends away

Are you looking forward to your short trip with friends or your partner? Make an estimate of the costs (accommodation, food, drinks, travel expenses and extras such as entrance fees to a zoo). Reserve a monthly amount, so you can book another weekend trip before you know it!

Money jar 5: Holidays

Set money aside for your holidays, so you know exactly how much money you have to spend? That way, the down payment for your reservation will never come as a financial surprise, you've already included it in your budget. Make an overview of the costs for your holiday, including transport, accommodation and extras, to spend on ice cream and fun trips. Calculate what this will cost you each month and start putting money aside.


Setting aside money for the things you like takes an hour of your time. Make sure you put the money aside when your salary comes in. The Flow App is very handy here, you only have to set up once how much money you want to transfer to your accounts each month. Subsequently, you don't have to worry about it: Flow automates all your transfers (for your groceries account or your fixed costs, for instance).