You try to save, but at the end of the month you never have anything left for the savings account. Or, you enthusiastically set aside a nice amount of money, but in order to make that unexpected expense, you deposit it back anyway.

Speaking of saving, do you know how high your savings buffer ideally is? And if you're looking for a simple savings strategy, read more about it here. Maybe you like a little competition: in that case, it's fun to see how much savings other households have.

Are you ready for a fun saving challenge? In the Flow app you’ll find the One Cent Challenge. Because who can't spare €0.01? And €0.02, and €0.03? This is exactly what the One Cent Challenge does!

The One Cent Challenge automatically transfers €0.01 to your savings account on day 1, €0.02 on day 2 and €0.03 on day 3. And how long will you last if a penny is added every day? And how much have you saved after a year? (Answer: €667.95).

Start saving low and watch your savings account grow. Download the Flow app.