Start saving for the holiday season with Flow!

Does the expensive December month hurt a little? Does your household money disappear faster than usual, and do you occasionally take a little extra from your savings account to get through the month? In December, most people spend more money, hoping to replenish it in January.

But, a new year is upon us. And we have some good news. There's a solution to never having to tap into your savings account again in December. It goes like this: create a holiday savings account and start saving for next year now! That way, the holiday season is never a financial challenge again and your savings can stay in your savings account.

A December saving jar in three steps

Step 1: Add up your holiday month expenses and think about how much you want to spend on all the festivities.

Think about:

  • Christmas presents
  • Christmas tree & decorations
  • Christmas dinner & other extra parties
  • Special clothing, Christmas sweaters

Step 2: Divide the amount by 12

Step 3: Create a 'Holidays' saving jar and automatically set aside that amount each month. Even easier: in the Flow app, you can set it to do this automatically!

Enjoy the holiday season even more!

This is another step towards a stress-free holiday season, so you can enjoy it even more. It feels so good to have the money in your bank account, waiting to be spent. It makes the holidays extra fun. Not only that, but it doesn't hurt in December, and you won't feel extra guilty in January about having to replenish that savings account.

This way, you avoid the spending spike in December, and spread the cost out over the whole year. It takes away the stress and suddenly December is just a financially normal month.

What will you spend on the holidays this year? Set aside the monthly amount and find out how nice the next December month is. You will thank yourself for it.