The end of the year is approaching and in between champagne and parties, there's something very important to look at: your health insurance! Is the insurance package you have still a good fit? And are there any savings options? It's good to take another look at it all.


Appropriate care is important, so it's always smart to do a health insurance check at the end of the year. Check out Independer right away. Maybe the package you have in mind for next year is much cheaper elsewhere.


Do you make little use of your health insurance? Then it might be useful to increase your deductible. That sounds a bit contradictory, but you'll save money because you'll get a discount on your basic insurance. You can set the maximum deductible at €885. Via Independer you can check how much premium this will save you monthly.

Be careful, though! Because it will be a more expensive if something unexpected happens to you. If you find a deductible of €885 a little too exciting, you can also set it a little lower; after all, you never know how life will turn out! Want to know more about the amounts, the risk and where the sweet spot lies? Because even if you have healthcare costs, a higher deductible can still be beneficial. We devoted a complete blog to it!

Make a Health Insurance Deductible jar

Whether your deductible is €385 or €885; it's still a big amount. Therefore, create a health insurance jar in the Flow app. You can set a trigger that ensures that a certain amount goes to this jar every month, as soon as your salary comes in. Is the jar filled up? Then the transactions stop automatically. If you have health expenses, it is automatically refilled.

Pay your annual premium in one go

If you have the money to pay your annual premium all at once, it may give you a 1 to 2 percent discount, depending on which health insurer you're with. The Consumentenbond has listed the discount rates on annual payments for 2023. Check this list carefully, because not every health insurer will give you a discount on your basic insurance. To be sure, check with your health insurer as well.

Make an extra health insurance jar

Do you get a discount? Then it is convenient to pay your annual premium in advance. If you don't have that money lying around now, you can start saving next year for the 2024 annual premium.

Make a health insurance jar and calculate approximately how much money you will have to pay. Divide that amount by 12 and fill the jar each month next year with the outcome through a new Flow. In 2023, you'll pay a little more initially; after all, your premium will be written off each month and you'll be putting money aside for 2024. Yet after that, you'll save again, because next year you can already pay the annual premium for 2024 and thus get a discount!

Download the Flow app and automate your health insurance!