Flow FAQ's

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General Questions

Flow is a Dutch FinTech company, focussed on money automation. We help people to actively manage their money, by setting up smart rules that only trigger in certain conditions. Like when your salary comes in.

Flow received a PSD2 license from the Dutch Central Bank, with this license Flow is allowed to connect to Dutch banks.

Flow is founded in 2018, in The Netherlands.

Yes. Flow is a freemium app, which means that part of the app is free forever. There are premium features that require a subscription.

  • Flow makes money by selling premium subscriptions
  • Flow makes money via affiliate links (like open a bunq account via Flow)
  • Flow also sells white label technology to other companies. e.g. integrate Flows in a banking app.

Yes. Flow is a freemium app, which means that part of the app is free forever. There are premium features that require a subscription.

Flow app

What features can you use with Flow?

Connect your bank accounts Flow connects to your existing bank accounts. You’ll get an overview of all of your accounts from different banks, including the account balance.

Set up smart rules to manage your money With Flow you can decide how you want your money to flow on your own bank accounts. This can be done by picking a Flow that suits your needs, changing your preferences and linking your bank accounts.

Think of what you want to happen when X happens (your salary comes in, a payment from a specific sender comes in, you name it), then create a Flow and turn it on. Now the next time when X happens, your Flow will trigger and the money will be divided.

For every Flow, you have the choice wether it should trigger automatically, in the background, or if you want to manually approve the payments each time the conditions for that Flow are met. There are cases, however, when the Flow can only be triggered manually, these are:

  1. If you have included a bunq joint (and/or) account
  2. If you have included sub-accounts from different bunq user accounts (for example a business and personal account)
  3. If you merged multiple user accounts (for example business and personal) in the bunq app and then connected these accounts to Flow

For 1. and 2.: these are caused by limitations on the side of bunq. We are currently in contact with bunq to lift those limitations and make automatic payments possible in these scenarios.

For 3. (You connected your accounts from a merged state in the app): This is caused by bunq’s V3 update. There is a way to fix this, so that you can perform automatic payments within each user account in Flow: Un-merge the accounts and connect the subaccounts on a user accounts basis: connect your business accounts seperately from your personal accounts. This is how you do that:

  1. In the bunq app, log out of all of your accounts
  2. Also choose to “Forget this user account”
  3. Re-login and NOT merge the accounts
  4. Go to the Flow app and go to the Accounts tab
  5. Press the + and choose bunq
  6. Add all of the accounts from the first bunq user account
  7. Then repeat this for the other bunq user accounts you have

If you logged in again and your accounts were still merged, try logging out of all accounts and reinstalling the bunq app. Or if you have a different device (like an iPad), try to install the bunq app and login to your accounts there, without merging.

When this did the trick for you, you can then go-ahead and merge the accounts in the bunq app if you want to. But if you create a new subbaccount in one of those accounts and want to add this account in Flow (with automatic payment support), you’ll need to un-merge again.

Currently bunq limits what you can do with a joint account (en/of, and/or account). This is a choice by bunq. We are talking with bunq to lift this limitation. In the mean time you can connect these accounts and create Flows, however you’ll need to manually approve each time the Flow triggers.

Currently it’s only possible to transfer money within your own accounts. We are working on a feature that lets you transfer money to accounts that are not your own.

Currently, Flow works with bunq. Flow is adding more banks soon. If you want to use Flow today, you can open a bunq account here.