Smarter finances

with bunq and Flow

Manage your money better by combining the features of bunq and the power of Flow.
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Real jars

To manage your money
With bunq you can create up to 25 real IBAN accounts to budget, save and spend money from. For one monthly fee.

Automatic payments

In the background
bunq supports automatic payments within your own account. Create an autopilot for your money with Flow.

Realtime triggers

Fast as lighting
Flow receives realtime triggers from bunq. Your Flows will trigger instantly.

Intelligent rules

That fuel your money system
With Flow+ you can divide your money however you want, use percentages, create multi-level Flows, decide if you want to manually approve or automatically divide your money.

Use Apple Pay

Handsfree paying
With bunq you can choose from payment cards, virtual cards and even Apple Pay to pay from any of the sub-accounts you made.

Your money

Your rules


Do more with your money

Divide your salary as soon as it comes in, refill your budgets, build up savings and many more features to come soon: connect investment accounts, pay your bills when your salary comes in, stay tuned!

Start automating your money today

Get started by opening a bunq account, then link it to Flow.
Open a bunq accountOn your phone, in 5 minutes
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