New partnership with SnelStart

Unique 'viewing feature' launched during SnelStart Aangenaam: the annual event for accounting and bookkeeping firms.

For over 35 years, SnelStart has been the leading accounting software for all types of entrepreneurs, from freelancers and SMEs to bookkeepers and accountants. They make accounting easy, which is exactly what Flow also does: make finance easier. Flow and SnelStart are now joining forces and have entered into a partnership.

Bridging the gap

By using Flow alongside SnelStart, customers can save a lot of time and money. Ronald Sminia of Flow: "Together we can bridge the gap between the virtual world of accounting and the everyday world of cash flow for entrepreneurs. That way, entrepreneurs can spend more time and energy concentrating on their core business and the advisory role of accounting firms becomes more solid."

Targeted advice

On the 25th of november, during the online event SnelStart Aangenaam, Flow launched the new unique 'viewing feature'. This means that accountants can monitor their customers who are connected to Flow. Ronald Sminia: "By gaining insight into the financial cash flows of entrepreneurs, accountants can provide them with targeted advice throughout the year—and not just when the annual accounts are drawn up. Current Flows can be set up and shared. For example, you can set up a Current Flow for the amount that needs to be set aside each month for income tax and VAT."

The new viewer feature

Future plans

In addition to launching the 'viewing feature', there are many other plans in the work for the partnership. "Flow is happy to be working with a reputable party like SnelStart. We look forward to exploring many more interesting possibilities together. This is only the beginning."