At Flow, we’re all about budgeting smartly and building a healthy money life. However, life is not just about saving as much money as you can. That is why we love that with the Flow app, you can automatically give money to charities, to help others.

Why? Generosity makes you happier, creates social connection, and inspires others to give too. If you have money left to share, you can now automatically add this to your Flows. Thanks to the new Flow app release, you can now add any charity (with an IBAN) as a contact. This means giving money to charity just became a whole lot simpler.

Automatic withdrawals from your account

Usually, charities automatically withdraw money from your account each month. If you’d like more control over your money and also want to oversee when this money is paid, we have a better solution. Flow money to a charity when your salary comes in, so you don't have to worry about that later.

The food bank: with just 5 euros you can give a family food for a week

We know life is expensive, and some people are struggling to buy enough food for their families. With Flow you can now easily donate as little as €5 to the food bank and help a family get food for a week!

The charity of your choice

You can add any organization with an IBAN to the Contacts section in the app. This means you can look up the IBAN of your favourite charity and create a contact in the Flow app. This works just like the address book on your phone. As an example, the food bank has a page where it shares its IBAN for bank transfers.

Pre-set charities in the app

Do you not have a favourite charity, but are you all ready to start giving? There are some pre-set charities in the Flow app: Trees for All, Justdiggit, Victory4All, Plastic Soup Surfer, Klamboeproject van Stichting Malaria, Free a Girl and Stichting Hartekind. Build your Flow and choose a charity as your money destination.

How to set this up in Flow

Here's how to add a charity to the Flow app:

  1. Go to your Profile
  2. Click on 'Manage contacts'
  3. Add a new contact. At 'Account holder name' fill in the official name of the account holder
  4. At 'Flow Contact' you fill in the name you want to use to distinguish and recognize the contact. In this case, it makes sense to put in the name of the charity of your choice
  5. IBAN account number - make sure you check that the IBAN is correct. There is no automatic check of name and account number, like in your banking app

Set up Flows and transfer money to a Contact

Go to your Flows or create a new Flow in the Flow Builder. By selecting the option 'Choose account' you can choose from either your Accounts or the Contacts you have saved. If you tap on the “Contacts” option, you can then choose the charity you want to transfer money to.

When flowing money to a charity, you can still use some of the same actions as you would be able to for your own accounts, with a few exceptions. The most notable one being: sending money until the account has a certain threshold. This is unavailable for Contacts, since there is no way of knowing the amount of money on an external IBAN.

You can contribute to a better world, by making your donations a part of your monthly Flow. Happy automating!