Flow is expanding. As of today, Flow is also available for integration with financial service providers. We call our brand new solution for embedded finance FlowOS. What exactly it is and what you will notice, you will read below.

FlowOS: because money has to flow

Some think money should flow. We think it should flow. From your checking account to different pots, for instance. So you can save for nice things and invest for the future. Our mission is to get your finances into a state of flow. With digital products that are a pleasure to use.

A logical next step is therefore the development of FlowOS: a solution that allows even more people to benefit from our technology. Because with FlowOS, companies will be able to offer financial services themselves.

Wow to win

When asset managers and accounting software themselves start integrating Flow, you will come across our handy tool in various places. So not just in the mobile app you've been using for a while. This also means that a much larger audience will start benefiting from finance on autopilot. At our corporate website, you can read more about our ongoing development and our slogan: wow to win.

Your Flow app stays active

Money automation is here to stay. We are proud that Flow is a pioneer in this field. We continue to build on that. Users like you continue to show us new ways to flow money smartly. That's why we keep coming up with new functionality. In other words, the Flow app is here to stay. And your feedback is still welcome.

Financial service providers can now embed Flow in their own app