You asked, we listened! It’s our mission to reduce financial stress from your life. We’re proud to bring you one of the biggest updates we’ve done yet!

With the new updated app, we’re opening up a world of new money automation features. Continue reading to see what’s new!

👥 Introducing Flow Contacts

There’s a new section in the app: Contacts. With this, you can easily transfer money automatically to any IBAN destination of your choice. For example, the music teacher, DUO or your investment account. Or maybe you share your Netflix account with friends - with this feature, you can automize the monthly payment as soon as your money comes in.

Access it in the Profile section and add as many contacts as you want. To add someone to your Flow Contacts list, you just need to know their IBAN and the account holder name. Once that’s done, you can use that account like any other money destination when creating Flows. For example, you can automatically donate 3% to your favourite cause whenever your salary comes in each month.

We think this feature will be game changing for finances automation, and we’re really excited to see what cool Flows you come up with. We’ve also created this survey to learn what contacts you think would be useful to have in the Flow app by default. We would really appreciate you taking some time to fill it.

🏦 More Banks

You can now automate even more bank accounts! ASN, Regiobank, Triodos and SNS bank accounts are now supported in the Flow app. Connect your payment account and start flowing your money according to your rules.

If your bank is still not supported by Flow, know that we are constantly working on adding more banks. This is a process that takes time, especially because we’re always trying to make sure our community has the best user experience and that can differ, from bank to bank. Giving us your input on what banks you would like to see helps us prioritize better, and we’re grateful for that!

📝 Custom Payment Descriptions

Now you can give each payment a specific description. This can come in very handy, especially for invoices and sending payments to friends.

Simply add your client number, your reference number or your name so the receiving party knows where the money is from. Do you have a business account? Add the description ‘private withdrawal’, and your bookkeeping system immediately knows how to organize the booking.

🐞 Improving app and bug fixes

We are continually improving the app and removing bug fixes for your best user experience. This time, our team focused on the stability of the Flow app and making sure your Flows always trigger when they’re supposed to. Not super exciting, but very important indeed!

🎯 Coming Next

We are currently working on a number of features that we think you will find exciting. Among those, some that we’re ready to mention are:

  • Even more banks!
  • Triggers on outbound transactions (whenever I pay at Starbucks send €1 to savings)
  • Flow history, for you to be able to see what triggered and when
  • Balance overview & insights

Think we should focus on something else? Let us know! Our community’s input is very important to us and we want to make sure we always take it into account.