Picture taken by IMAZZO

Last Tuesday, April 12, Flow Founder Daan van Klinken pitched from the water at the watergate in Snits (Sneek), Friesland, during the finals of Frisian Startup of the Year 2022.

The best startups were selected by Founded in Friesland and Inqubator Leeuwarden based on ambition, potential, scalability and self-developed technology. The audience present voted for their favorite from the water: Flow finished second place!

'Our place in the finals gives recognition that we have something very special up our sleeves. 10 years ago the last ATM machine left my Frisian village of Tijnje, with Flow we are going to put Tijnje on the financial world map!' - Daan van Klinken

We are here for the growing group of self-employed people, who are responsible for keeping an overview of their finances. Many mistakes are made: not putting taxes aside, not building up an emergency buffer and not thinking about retirement. Flow helps both businesses and private individuals to get their finances clear and on track without them having to worry about it.

For example... what happens when a payment arrives in your account with the description "invoice". Flow recognizes that automatically and sets aside 21% of that amount as VAT, distributes income tax and builds up buffers. When the buffer is full, the excess money can be put towards a savings goal, such as: your own riding mower!

We see this prize as an extra encouragement to roll out our new ambitions and make money matters even easier.