With low-interest rates on savings accounts and rising stock prices, a lot of people are struck with 'the investment fever'. However, for many investing is a daunting endeavor and a source of stress: How well are my companies doing? Are stock prices rising or falling? Did I make the right decisions?

An obvious combination

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Meesman Indexbeleggen takes these worries away with a different approach. You invest in the shares of thousands of companies from all over the world, thereby spreading risks as much as possible. Because you are not actively trading, you cannot make bad investment decisions that might take a large bite out of your returns. That Flow and Meesman are linking up is not a surprise, says Daan van Klinken, founder of Flow: "Index investing is an honest and simple way of investing, allowing your capital to grow in the long term. At Meesman you can make regular monthly payments into your account. The investing then takes care of itself. This matches the money methods in the Flow app perfectly."

Growing capital responsibly

Shiva Bloemberg at Meesman about the collaboration with Flow: "When Flow approached us, we immediately felt enthusiastic. Like Meesman, Flow wants to help customers take control of their finances, not only now but in the future as well. A wonderful common goal. Meesman offers a global equity index fund, which enables people to grow capital in a responsible manner. That's a less risky approach than trying to actively beat the market by yourself. Furthermore, many studies show that passive investing in globally diversified index funds provide a higher return than active investing. In order to stimulate index investing, it is important to make it as simple as possible. By offering automated investing in Meesman index funds in the Flow app, we've made it even easier to invest."

How does it work?

Meesman in the Flow app

The first step is to make sure your income covers your fixed expenses using the various pockets in the Flow app. Next, you can transfer money to build up a savings buffer. The money that is left over can be used for investing. Using Flow, it is easy to set aside 10 to 15% of your income for investment in a Meesman index fund, for example for retirement or your children's education. "In addition, you can even create a Flow which ensures that money that's left over at the end of the month is automatically transferred to your investment account. This will allow your capital to grow a lot faster," explains Daan van Klinken. "Meesman is flexible and dynamic, just like Flow. It's great working together, both now and in the near future."

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