The charities in the Flow app

Donate automatically with one click to set up, it is now possible with the Flow app. For example, transfer 1% of your salary automatically and fight for plastic-free oceans together with the Plastic Soup Surfer. Or let the €43.73 euro you have left at the end of the month contribute to the fight against sexual exploitation of underage girls with Free A Girl.

That's a simple way to contribute to a better, greener and healthier world!

We have a selection of 6 charities available in the Flow app. Do you already know which charity you will donate to?

This is how it works

You can donate in several ways, as flexible and frequent as you want. For example, consider the following Flows:

  • When my salary arrives, I immediately donate 1% to Free A Girl
  • 1 January I donate €250 to Plastic Soup Surfer
  • When my salary comes in and it's more than €2,500, I donate €50 to Victory4All
  • When I have grocery money left over at the end of the month, I give 100% to Solidaridad.

Free A Girl

Join Free A Girl in the fight against the sexual exploitation of girls and child prostitution. The work of Free A Girl is two-sided. Liberation alone is not enough. That is why Free A Girl does not stop here, and is fully committed to take in the children after liberation and guide them to independent adults.

Plastic Soup Surfer

Donate and contribute to plastic-free oceans with Merijn, the Plastic Soup Surfer. There is only one solution, and that is to greatly reduce plastic waste. Merijn puts the subject on the political agenda and holds up a mirror to the business world with his campaigns.

Hartekind Foundation

Invest with your money in the future of children with heart defects with Stichting Hartekind. Support research and contribute to higher survival rates for children with heart problems and a better quality of life.


Invest in a promising future for a child from the Jeffrey's Bay and Humansdorp slums in South Africa. Help break the negative spiral of poverty and make a difference!

Malaria Stichting

Every two minutes a child dies of malaria, a disease that is preventable and treatable. For a donation of less than €9, a mosquito net can be donated. Donate a mosquito net for a world without malaria.


Together we can cool the earth again. That's what Justdiggit stands for. How? By making dry land green again by inspiring and activating farmers in Africa, positively impacting nature, climate, and people. Degraded landscapes are restored by combining traditional techniques with new technology and a strong communication approach. Will you fight with them?

Trees for All

The world needs more trees! Trees are essential for life on earth, they are not only CO2 vacuum cleaners, but they provide a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions. With your 5 euros to Trees for All they can already plant a tree.

Set up your automatic donation through Flow, or give once. Set up how you want to give within a few minutes, and Flow automatically does the rest. Sit back and donate!