Flow launches subscriptions

We just released Flow+ subscriptions.

With Flow+, you get full automation and access to advanced actions and triggers so you can build highly personalised Flows.

Flow Free is our free plan, it's super useful and will stay free forever. Flow Free has has everything you need to build your money systems.

With Flow Free, you get:

✅ Unlimited bank connections
✅ Unlimited Flows
✅ Basic Triggers (transaction-based)
✅ Basic Actions (percentage and fixed amount)
✅ Flows create draft payments in your bank account.


With Flow Free, you need to approve your transactions inside the bunq app manually.

With Flow+, you can choose to let your Flows run automatically in the background if your bank accounts allow for it.

You also get access to advanced actions to build even smarter Flows.

When you decide to upgrade to Flow+, you get everything in Flow Free, plus:

💎 Automatically approve your Flows
💎 VAT Action
💎 From What’s Left Action
💎 Forward everything over € Action.
💎 Upcoming advanced actions, such as “Fill budget to” and many more

For example:

‘From What’s Left’ creates a new starting point.

Flow with from what’s left functionality

In the Netherlands, a freelancer charges 21% VAT to her client, but she can’t spend it because the money isn’t hers. If she doesn’t save it, she has to pay for it later. To protect yourself from getting into a bad situation, set aside the 21% VAT first. Then, use ‘From What’s Left’ to create a new starting point to divide the money that’s left (the invoice amount excluding VAT). It works with all rules, and you can use it as many times as you want inside a Flow; that way, you can make multi-level Flows.

‘Forward all over’ moves everything above a certain amount to a specific account.

Flow with forward all functionality

For example, your income varies every month, but you want to set fixed budgets and save the rest. Now you can do that! It’s payday, and you received €3720,- for your efforts this month! Everything above €2500 goes directly into your Bonus account. That’s €1220,- saved 💰

The  €2500,- left will be divided into monthly jars, so you always know how much you have left for groceries simply by looking at your ‘Groceries’ account.


Flow+ is €5,- per month, but if you sign up for a year, you save money (€4,50 / month, that’s €54 a year). These prices are incl VAT.

How to upgrade to Flow+?

1️⃣ Open the App and go to your Profile
2️⃣ Choose Upgrade and follow the steps
3️⃣ Enjoy Flow+

Get Flow+ for free for life!

Do you want to enjoy Flow+ for the rest of your life without ever paying for it?

That’s possible, here’s how:

1️⃣ Open the App and go to your Profile
2️⃣ Find our Referral Bonus and read the instructions
3️⃣ Enjoy Flow+ for Life!

Next in Flow+

We are just getting started. Thanks to your feedback, we’ve prioritized these features to be launched next.

💎 Refill budget to
💎 Account-based Actions
💎 Date-based Actions

Our goal is to help you feel confident and relaxed about your money within three months of using Flow so that you can realise your bigger (financial) goals in life and achieve financial independence.

Download the app and get started with automating your finances.

Happy Automating,

- The Flow Team