Flow Your Money goes live in Europe

Dutch fintech-startup ‘Flow your Money,’ who uses smart technology to transfer income between saving goals, investment accounts, and budgets, is going live after receiving the PSD2-licence. With the trust from the Dutch Central Bank, Flow can make a difference for 195 million households in Europe.

On October 31st, it’s World Savings Day, meant to raise awareness on the importance of saving money. Before the coronavirus outbreak, one in three Europeans didn’t have enough money set aside for unexpected expenses. The Dutch startup tackles this problem. The PSD2 license obtained last summer gives the company permission to transfer money between different bank accounts. Since then, the app has been developed further, and now the testing phase can be closed.

Flow brings the principle of dividing income into physical jars used by our (Dutch) grandparents to the 21st century: connect your bank accounts and divide your income automatically according to smart rules that you can set up yourself. Every incoming transaction is automatically divided so that money is used optimally, and you always have insight into current budgets. Ultimately, Flow helps to achieve long-term goals: such as your retirement, dream home, or world trip, without having to deal with it every day.

With Flow, you spend with confidence today because you know you're on route to financial freedom.

“It’s mind-blowing to me that banks make it so difficult for their customers to become financially free. They only show you what you spend instead of helping you build wealth. Even if you have a plan, it takes too much willpower to sit down and move your money around every month. We take the willpower of the equation, using digital technology. You only have to plan once and watch your money grow.”

according to founder Niels Mulder.

Soon, customers can also automate transactions to external accounts, such as good causes and recurring bills. Further plans and new features are in the works.

Flow is now available on iOS and Android, or find out more at https://flowyour.money.

Note for Editors

For more information contact Niels Mulder: [email protected]

Photography available to download here: https://presskit.flowyour.money

About Flow

Flow Your Money is a Dutch fintech-startup by-product duo Daan van Klinken and Niels Mulder. The app continues to turn the banking world upside down by letting consumers, freelancers, and companies automate their money flows.