Spending money without guilt is a great idea from guru Ramit Sethi. It means having a separate bank account with spare cash. In other words, money that can be spent freely, without guilt!

Of course, the amount of money in your guilt-free reserve account can never be an arbitrary number. It's based on dividing your money wisely into jars. First, set aside your tax money, your fixed expenses and your savings. Only then will you know the amount you can spend without debt.

Debt-free spending is brilliant because it gives you financial independence!

How can you make this more practical for your financial situation? The Flow app automates your money. So you can smartly set aside your taxes, fixed expenses and savings, without having to look at them. Here's what that could look like:

  • When your salary arrives, the amount left in your bank account is divided between your pension fund, your 'dream house account' and your newborn baby's account.
  • For each incoming payment, 21% is automatically transferred to your Taxes buffer.

This way you can arrange your financial situation the way you want it, and we automatically arrange it for you every month. To make it even easier, you will find preset templates within the Flow app to get you started. We help you choose the right cash flows from the very first moment. Extensively tried and tested!