What differentiates a financially successful freelancer?

Imagine two freelancers, who have the same income/revenue. Yet freelancer A has a much better financial situation than freelancer B. Freelancer A has less debt, saves more, has more money left to spend at the end of the month.

What causes this difference?

Here are some random observations from the Flow team:

  1. They hate having any debt. They save aggressively to eliminate debt as soon as they can.
  2. Their spending behavior and -habits stay the same, no matter their increased income level.
  3. They have an allocation system for their income across various "buckets".
  4. They know EXACTLY what makes them happy on a day-to-day base, and they spend their money guilt-free on these things.
  5. They are frugal but not cheap - because they know that the real difference is made by a higher income (and not by cutting back on a Starbucks coffee).

These are five simple rules we see successful freelancers live by.

So what is your point of view? According to you, what are the (money) rules that makes a freelancer financially successful?