Do you want to make the best use of automatic payments, savings, budgeting, maybe even investing? Flow has a fantastic collaboration with Bunq and Knab. Together with these banks and Flow, your finances will become a real (automatic) party.

Your finances will be simpler than ever. In the Flow app you decide once how you want to arrange your finances. We have ready-made templates to help you do that, so you can set it up in no time. And then Flow will automatically take care of the rest. Your banking is sorted out, you have no more financial surprises and you can spend your time on the finer things in life!

Flow works best with a bank that works with several accounts without too much hassle. And then you automatically end up with bunq and Knab, because they do this better than any other.

Read here why 'jar thinking' works so well for your finances!

The Switching Service

Switching to a new bank sounds like a lot of hassle. With the switching service from both Knab and bunq, opening a new bank account (and switching) is easier than ever! When switching, you can have your credits and debits automatically transferred to your new account. Your new bank will make sure your new account is known everywhere. So you only need to give your employer and the tax authorities your new account number.

Welcome to bunq

Bank of The Free! A modern bank with a lot of great features, like Apple Pay and Google Pay. At bunq you can set up your savings on different accounts, so you can also pay from those accounts. Saved money for your vacation? Then pay from your vacation account. No more time-consuming money transfers to your own accounts, but manage your money like a pro.

Bunq gives you every opportunity to save, budget and make jars for the things you find important in life. With the clear and convenient app you can see exactly how your budgets are doing and you have an overview of all your subscriptions. So you never pay for subscriptions you do not use.

Bunq has three subscriptions for individuals: Easy Bank, Easy Money and Easy Green. To fully benefit from the advantages of bunq, we recommend you to go for Easy Money or Easy Green. Bunq is slightly more expensive than other banks, but you get a lot in return.

Check out the options here.

Welcome to Knab

Knab makes banking a lot easier, more fun and more convenient. With up to 5 current accounts, you can create jars, budget and divide your money accordingly. In addition, Knab offers an unlimited number of savings accounts, which also work with Flow. You can even have money transferred automatically from these savings accounts.

If you want, you can easily apply for a free credit card, and you can pay in stores with Apple Pay.

Plus point: Knab makes switching easier than ever. With the Knab switching service, you can receive 50 euros in your new bank account + you can automatically transfer your credits and debits to your new account. Easy does it!

See your options here.

Connect your new bank account in Flow

No matter which bank you choose, modern banks like bunq and Knab are the right fit for you. Now you can finally see your money management in full, budget for everything you need and automate everything with Flow.

Download the Flow app, link your new bank account and automate your money.

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