Do you work with one business account for all your money matters? Chances are you don't know exactly how much money you can spend. There is a substantial amount in your account, but not all of that money is for you. As the quarter goes by, this amount increases even more. You would certainly not be the first self-employed person to overestimate their financial situation and make a large purchase with money that is actually intended for the VAT return.

This is how the 'VAT transfer' works in Flow

Every time money comes in to your business account, Flow transfers 21% to your VAT account. You've thought of and set this up in advance, so you can be sure you'll have enough money for the VAT return, plus you'll see a realistic amount in your bank account.


If money arrives on your bank account with description 'invoice' - send 21% to VAT account.

You can change this to your own liking. For example, you can also have 9% transferred. The goal is to know that you have set aside enough VAT to easily pay your tax returns. Better a little too much, than too little.

The Flow looks like this:

Next level

Set up your Flow and experience how nice it is to know you can always pay your VAT return. Plus: you have a better insight into your money. Once you've had a taste of this, you can do the same with your business expenses and your income tax. Calculate how much you need for this on a monthly basis and set it aside in your tax and expense account.

Automate it with Flow and enjoy control and insight into your business finances.