Do you know what’s the most essential part of sticking to a new habit, like saving more money? It’s not motivation, it’s not willpower, even though it’s great if you have some of that as well. It’s a trigger to actually do the habit.

Wanting to save more money doesn’t make it happen miraculously. You will actually have to act. Everyone believes that they will save money when their salary comes in. But in reality, you forget about it or get distracted and move on. Another opportunity lost.

The team at Flow is fascinated by it, and this is why we’re building a product for you, to help you actually save money. When money comes in, we’ll give you a prompt. No need to commit upfront how much you want to save.

Flexible, right?

This is how it works

Set up a Flow. It works with existing flows too. For example: ‘When my salary comes in, send €200 to my savings account’.

Manual approval. When you save the Flow, you choose: manual approval.

Notification when Flow triggers. You will receive a notification each time your Flow is ready to trigger.

Open the notification (or go to your active Flows). Right there you can adjust the amount you want to save this time.

Finally, approve the automation and let the money Flow.

The prompt, the action and the reward

This will help you save.

The prompt leads to action (putting money in your savings account).

The action leads to your rewards (a savings account that keeps growing).

The reward brings in more motivation to do it again next month.

And hello, there’s your saving habit!

Do you see how great this works?

Check the app and let us know what you think. We love your feedback, it’s our building ground to make even better features!