Maybe you've been self-employed for years, maybe you're planning to start freelancing next week, or maybe you've just started. Whatever type of self-employed person you are, the Nibud's ZZP Money Plan (Dutch) will help you organize your finances smartly. With this tool you know what financial risks there are, what you have to pay attention to and you get a clear overview of things you still need to arrange, in the form of a plan with concrete steps.

The tool takes you through the process step by step and we are happy to provide some additional explanation.

Map out your situation

With the tool you get your personal financial situation completely clear. Because you have to answer questions about the legal form of your business, the number of hours you spend, the number of clients you work for, your insurances and the set-up of your administration, Nibud looks at which parts of your finances could use some attention. You also fill in your city or postal code, so that the tool can take into account the rules and information for self-employed people in your municipality.

Once you have completed the questions, recommended actions roll out. These are divided into categories. Think of administration, illness and disability, pension and tax matters. You can then see per category what can be arranged better.

These actions are based on the information you provided, so they perfectly match your current situation. With these concrete actions you will also see the buttons 'I want to do this' and 'I don’t want to do this'. If you click on 'I want to do this', the action appears in your final money plan. So you can easily skip certain actions if you do not want to carry them out.

Even more tips to improve your finances

Once you have gone through all the recommended actions and chosen which ones you will or will not carry out, you will come to an overview of additional actions. Here you will find tips on what else you can do to improve your finances and administration. Also, with these tips you can choose whether you want to include them in your money plan or not, by clicking on 'I want to do this' and 'I don’t want to do this'.

Once you have filled in everything, your personal money plan will roll out. You get an overview of the actions you have chosen, and you can even fill in a deadline for each action. In addition, you can digitally check off the box when you have completed the action.

Automate with Flow

You'll see that many of the actions from the tool are based on systematically adjusting your finances. Choosing a monthly moment for the business administration, taking out new insurance policies, putting money aside for tax and national insurance contributions, putting money aside for your pension and investments, separating your personal and business finances - these are just a few examples.

Many of these actions are recurring, but you can easily automate them with Flow. Of course, you don't want to do the setting aside of money manually every month. If you use Flow to set it up automatically, you won't have to worry about it once you have completed your Money Plan!