Students, this Money Method is for you! We heard your feedback - and yes, it is time for a Money Method. We want to provide a great way to organize students finances the smart way. Isn’t it hard enough to live on a tight budget like students do?

After discussing this with a few of you, we came up with a template that you can use for your personal finances. Of course, you can add your own numbers, to make it absolutely personal so that it meets your wants and needs.

How does it work?

You’ll need these bank accounts:

Inbox (where your money comes in)
Fixed costs
Pocket money
Savings account

When money comes in (DUO or salary), it will be divided among those accounts, according to your rules.

Where do you get all these bank accounts?

Most people have one big pile of money on one bank account. And probably a savings account connected to that. It’s very hard to keep track like this, and it’s no surprise that healthy personal financing seems hard. You can do better, with several bank accounts.

New banks like bunq and Knab offer several bank accounts within one account. This means you pay for one account, and you get a couple of payment accounts to organize your finances. You can open a new account within minutes, so if you’re curious and really want to take steps towards a healthy money life, open your account and try it!

Set up your own Student Flow!

Do you want a solid money plan, have insights and know how much you have left at any point during the month? Download Flow, create an account and start flowing money.