What do you actually save, in concrete terms, when you use Flow? That would be nice to know, of course. That's why we looked it up for you! In time, money and space in your head.

Time is money, save 133 euros per month!

Yes, setting up your Flows takes some time. But actually you never spend more than two hours in total. And after that you will save about €133 per month. Depending on your income, that could be as much as €1,600 a year! So using Flow quickly delivers results in your finances. We explain:

If you don't use Flow but do divide your money between different accounts, for example if you work according to the Profit First method, then you need about half an hour a week to manually divide money between pots. And time is money, so for an average freelancer earning about €70 an hour, this quickly adds up to about €140 a month. With Flow, you set it up once and then save yourself 30 minutes every week, and thus €140!

If you subtract the monthly costs of Flow from that, you'll be left with €133 per month. From the very first month! So if you're using Flow for a long time, that amount can mount up nicely.

No more financial surprises

Many freelancers don't consider that they need a buffer when times get tough. There are also many freelancers who do not set aside the money for the tax authorities. If you earn €70 per hour and work full-time, this can add up to a bill of €25,000 in April the following year.

Nobody is waiting for such financial surprises. That's why we've set up Flow in such a way that you actually prevent them automatically. We make sure you don't spend money you don't have. And it also ensures that you don't receive any fines from the tax authorities. That's a good thing, because the fine for not paying your income tax can be as much as €5500. And of course you really don't want that, it's not what you work for!

More overview and peace of mind

After using Flow for about three months, you'll worry much less about your finances. You have a better understanding of what you are doing, you have an overview of your finances and therefore you feel relaxed. Most people who start using Flow feel they have very little grip on their finances. And it is difficult to change your habits purely on your own. With Flow you can see exactly how your finances are doing and you can also see your money growing. Your financial goals are achieved. This gives you much more confidence, overview and peace of mind.

We even see that the dot on the horizon shifts for many users. If you know that you are financially healthy and have the flow under control, you dare to look further into the future. Maybe you want to invest more in your business, take the next step or go for financial independence (FI/RE).

People go through different phases in how they manage their money. We described this earlier in this blog about the four levels of money. Depending on what stage you are in, what next step you take differs. In this interview Flow user Jorik Bisshop tells us how he went through those different phases.

In short, with Flow you not only save serious time and money, but you also really get a better grip on your finances.