You want to make a budget for your grocery money, but what's a realistic amount? Or you already have a budget, but you wonder if it suits your situation. In this article we show you the guidelines of Nibud, so you can see for yourself what a realistic grocery money budget is.

Of course, the size of your grocery budget depends on how big your household is and if you have a family: how old the children are. These amounts that you can use to calculate the amount of your potty are only about eating at home. Eating out is not taken into account, nor are ready-to-go sandwiches at work.

These are the amounts as established by Nibud and Voedingscentrum. You look at the minimum daily spending on food per person.

An example

How do you calculate your situation? For each of your family members, take the amount in the last column (total) and add them together. Then, multiply this amount by 30.

For example, you have a family with two children (i.e. a four-person household):

  • Man, 35 years: €4.77
  • Woman, 32 years: €4.27
  • Child, 2 years: €1.79
  • Child, 5 years: €2.42

Total: €398 per month.

Please note that this does not include the extras that you also easily pick up at the supermarket: detergent, cleaning products, shampoo, etc.

Determine your situation

These amounts are considered the minimum necessary to provide everyone in the household with healthy food. Some will need less for this, and like to go for low budget and simple meals. Others prefer to spend a slightly larger amount on groceries. They prefer more luxury or convenience, and are happy to pay a little extra for this.

Each household makes its own choices. By making a household budget, you can take into account your personal situation, income and choose what you find important.

Handy, a grocery jar!

If you want to manage your shopping money smartly and stress-free, create a bank account for your groceries. That way you always know exactly what you have left to spend and you'll always have enough to get you through the month. After all, this money is only for your groceries. It's manageable and stress-free.

With Flow, you can automatically refill your grocery budget every month. Then you don't have to worry about it anymore. Have that €398 deposited into your grocery account automatically every month. Or choose to top up your grocery money every month to €398. Then if you're thrifty one month and there's money left in it, the groceries will cost you a little less the next month.