Flow is proud of its new partnership with Trees for All, because the world needs more trees! Donating automatically in a smart and simple way is now possible via the Flow app.

Trees for All has been planting trees in existing and new forests for over twenty years and supports many different (re)forestation projects in the Netherlands and the rest of the world, from Africa and Asia to South America and Europe. "The world needs more trees. Trees are essential for life on earth, they are not only co2 vacuum cleaners, but they provide a better climate, more biodiversity and healthy living conditions.", says fundraiser of Trees for All, Joly Bogers.


The aim of Trees for All is to make as big an impact as possible. Trees for All has already planted 6.1 million trees and offset 450,000 tons of CO2. Forty-two forest projects have been realized and currently 15 new projects can be contributed to. You can donate by compensating your CO2 emissions, from your flight or car trip, your energy consumption, your purchase of goods to your total CO2 footprint (2.59 tons of CO2 can be compensated by donating 41.44 euros per year). For 5 euros you can also have a tree planted. Or you can support Trees for All by giving a tree as a gift for a birth, marriage or birthday.

Collaboration with Flow

Fundraiser Joly Bogers: "The ultimate goal of Trees for All is a forested world, in which we live more in balance with nature. In 2022 we want to plant a total of 1.6 million trees worldwide and we always need more donors for that. The collaboration with Flow is certainly going to help us achieve this. By linking Trees for All to the Flow app, which automatically debits a donation, it becomes very easy to support us."

How it works

Flow allows you to set how much you want to donate to Trees for All on a monthly or yearly basis. For example, deposit 1% of your salary automatically, or donate the 50 euros you have left at the end of the month.

Also contribute in a simple way to a better world and record your donations in your monthly Flow in the app. Download Flow via this link.