Want a smart and simple way to automatically donate to your favorite charity? You can do that via the Flow app. Flow is very proud of its partnership with Justdiggit.

JustdiggIt's mission is to green Africa and thus cool down the earth again. They do this together with millions of farmers and with the support of donors. "We can turn the tide of the global climate crisis by applying nature-based solutions. With nature-based solutions, we can counteract 37% of climate change. We do this by making dry degraded land back to green”, says Carlijn Huesken, Business Developer at Justdiggit.


If we want to prevent irreversible damage to our planet, we must ensure that the global temperature increase remains below 2 degrees Celsius in the next ten years, and Justdiggit is contributing to this. Dried up land is being restored using recognized greening techniques, and rainwater harvesting, by digging so-called 'bunds', bringing back trees and developing grass seed banks. Everything is managed and implemented locally. Carlijn Huesken: “In total, we have already brought back 9.15 million trees and 202,000 bunds have been dug.”

Collaboration with Flow

Justdiggit is looking forward to working with Flow, says Carlijn Huesken. “More and more people want to contribute to solving the climate problem, through the Flow app it is easy to donate. It is a handy, low-threshold app that completely fits time. For us, it's fun to reach an audience that we might not otherwise have would have reached.”

How it works

At Flow, you can set how much you want to donate to Justdiggit monthly or annually. Make 1% of your salary automatically, for example, or deposit the amount you have at the end of the month at the end of the month.

Also contribute in a simple way to a better world and record your donations now in your monthly Flow. Download Flow now.