A smart and simple way to automatically donate to your favorite charity? You can do so via the Flow app. Flow is very proud of its new partnership with Plastic Soup Surfer!

The mission of Merijn Tinga, known as the Plastic Soup Surfer, is to make the world plastic-free. Through striking actions he draws attention to the problems caused by plastic litter. About his expedition he made the documentary The Plastic Paradox. "In 2014 I built my first surfboard from plastic litter to draw attention to all the plastic that ends up in the environment. Our surf and sup expeditions, petition and motion resulted in a political breakthrough; a large number of polluting products were removed from supermarket shelves and in 2021 a deposit on plastic bottles was introduced (in 2023 also on cans). As a result, 85% fewer plastic bottles are now entering the environment."

Struggle against the throwaway culture

With the new Mission Reuse campaign, the Plastic Soup Surfer is taking action against disposable cups, which are used 5 million times each morning in the Netherlands. Merijn Tinga: "After that, they end up in the incinerator, or worse, on the street or in nature. " In July, he will travel the distance of 5 million disposable cups in a row, a total of 385 km, on a surfboard made of used disposable cups, from Brussels to Amsterdam. "With this action, I draw attention to the introduction of reusable cups and against disposable cups, the symbol of waste and pollution."

Collaboration with Flow

Donations for Mission Reuse, and other campaigns, are of course more than welcome. Merijn Tinga is happy with the collaboration with Flow: "We are very effective and flexible with our actions, we are very different from the average organization. In this I also see a similarity with Flow who wants to make people aware of how you can deal with money more consciously by donating -flexibly- to charity. The more donations we receive, the more targeted action we can take and the more (behavioral) change we can implement."

How it works

You can set how much you want to donate to Plastic Soup Surfer monthly or annually at Flow. For example, transfer 1% of your salary automatically, or deposit the amount you have left at the end of the month.

Also contribute in a simple way to a better world and record your donations now in your monthly Flow. Download Flow now.