Do you adjust your lifestyle when getting more salary?

If you are a freelancer, chances are that you are making more money now than you’ve ever dreamed of making when you were an employee.

If this is the case, a great rule to live by is the following:

>> Live by the standards of your previous salary. <<

In other words: don’t match your spending behaviour with your new economic status.

Our tip

When your income increases, make sure that the extra money you’re making has a clear purpose. (and no, this purpose is not: spending more on the same stuff :) A clear money purpose should always help you achieve one of the following:

1. Prevent surprises (for example: income taxes)

2. Create surprises (for example: become debt-free, be able to work 3 days a week, buy your dream house, etc.)

So whatever your new income is, make sure you know your negative AND your positive surprises, for which you want to allocate your money to.

Every Euro has a purpose

If every euro has a clear purpose in helping you become financially free/independent, then you’re about to become a master of personal finance! And of course, our Flow app will help you in your journey :) Because where would you be without money automation?

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