Are you stuck with your bank? But would you like to a more modern bank for your banking? For example, you have your mortgage and with that, you are obliged to keep your bank account with the same bank. Or maybe you're not completely stuck, but you find the thought of having to change your bank details everywhere much too tiresome.

A modern bank like bunq has a lot of nice gadgets. With a user-friendly, clear app you can see exactly how your budgets are doing and you have an overview of all your subscriptions. So you never pay for subscriptions you do not use.

You can also open multiple accounts for the price of one, and add savings accounts.

Create saving jars

With bunq and Knab you can set up saving jars on different bank accounts, so you can also pay from that account. Saved money for your vacation? Then pay from your vacation account. No more complicated money transfers between your accounts, but manage your money like a pro.

Manage your money the smart way in 3 steps

How can you benefit from the advantages of a modern bank without too much hassle? You do it simple in 3 steps:

Step 1. Open an account with bunq or Knab.

Step 2. Set up the Salary Hopper in the Flow app. Think about how much money should be left in your account for fixed expenses & mortgage. Hop the rest of your salary to your new account automatically.

Step 3. Organize the rest of your money, exactly the way you want it. For example, a shopping jar, a vacation jar and a pocket money jar. Automate this with the Flow app, and distribute your money according to your preferences.

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